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Select Publications

Click the article links to read abstracts of select health disparities related articles by UC Merced faculty.


Altaf Saadi, Maria-Elena De Trinidad Young, Caitlin Patler, Jeremias Leonel Estrada, and Homer Venters
Robin M. DeLugan, Marcia D. Hernandez, Dari E. Sylvester & Simón E. Weffer
Robin Maria DeLugan Stergios Roussos Geneva Skram
Alexandra Main, PhD, Deborah J. Wiebe, PhD, MPH, Andrea R. Croom, PhD, Katie Sardone, PhD, Elida Godbey, MRC, Christy Tucker, PhD, Perrin C. White, MD
Anne Saw and Anna Song
Thelma C Hurd, Charles D Kaplan, Elise D Cook, Janice A Chilton, Jay S Lytton, Ernest T Hawk, Lovell A Jones
Nina B. Wallerstein DrPH, Irene H. Yen PhD, MPH, and S. Leonard Syme PhD
Christy Tucker, PhD, Deborah J Wiebe, PhD, MPH, Alexandra Main, PhD, Alyssa G Lee, MRC, Perrin C White, MD
Chelsea McKinney, Jennifer Hahn-Holbrook, P Lindsay Chase, et al