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Past COEHD Undergraduate Students


The following training projects were completed by undergraduate students and faculty mentors. Click the project abstract link for full descriptions of the projects. 

Year One Undergraduate Project Abstracts

Name Major Mentor Project 
Ruth Adams Cognitive Science M. Pallavicini Prior Use of Telemedicine and Challenges among California Specialty Physicians
Emely Heras Anthropology M. Pallavicini Evaluation of California Physician Specialists Concerns About Telemedicine Based on Their View of Telemedicine
Elaine Lai Psychology S. Roussos Mapping Education in Supervisorial District of Merced County. Phase 1: Descriptive Account of GIS Usage in Merced County



Sociology, Political Science S. Weffer The Relationship Between Residential Stability and Felt Community Efficacy, 2008-2009
Priscilla Montez Cognitive Science R. Ortiz Angiotensin Receptor Blockade Decreases Hepatic Trigyceride Content and Reduces Retroperitoneal Fat Deposition Following Increased Glucose Intake in a model of Insuline Resistance
Johnny Moua Human Biology S. Roussos Mapping Education in Supervisorial District of Merced County. Phase 1: Descriptive Account of GIS Usage in Merced County
Bendu Favor Ndama  Human Biology P. LiWang Mutation in C37 Region of Potent HIV Inhibitor Griff37
Aparna Pasumarthi Immunology,Microbiology J. Choi Hepatitis C Virus
Irina Popovich Biological Sciences, Human Biology R. Ortiz

Decreased CD36 Expression in Insulin Resistant Rats

Adam Weiner Human Biology R Ortiz Increasing GLUT4 Expression in Fasting Elephant Seals 


Year Two Undergraduate Project Abstracts 

Name  Major Mentor Project 
Christa Caneda Biological Sciences J. Manilay Differentiation of Insulin Producing Cell Clusters from Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells



Psychology L Hirst Omega-3 fatty acids and theirrole in biological membranes: Possible reasons for beneficial health outcomes
Morrell Chhay Biology A Aguilar Studying Patterns of Mitochondrial DNA and Major Histocompatibilty Complex Variation in the Red Hills Roach



Sociology I Beattie Underrepresented Students' Success in STEM Major 
Lia Lee Biological Sciences R Ortiz Akt/Protein Kinase B Expression Increases with High Glucose Supplementation in Insulin Resistant OLETF Rats
Boupanh Lor Biological Sciences S Roussos Hmong cultural practices, traditions and beliefs to prevent morbidity and mortality: a critical review
Alex Parness Psychology and Cognitive Science  S. Weffer Impacts of Foreclosure on Efficacy and Perceptions of Barriers to Community Success in South Merced and Planada
Dusty Ventura Molecular and Cell Biology A LiWang 2H and 13C NMR Analysis of Ethanol: Isotopic Markers of Biological and Process Origins of Single Malt Scotches


Year Three Undergraduate Project Abstracts

Name Major Mentor Project
Alma Andrade Psychology S. Roussos Examining the Validity of Public Data to Describe Unincorporated Areas: A Case Study with a Rural Latino Community in California 
David Araiza Biological Sciences R. Ortiz Contribution of adipose RAS proteins to metabolic syndrome in OLETF model rats
Yotzelin Cervantes Biological Sciences D. Ojcius Chlamydia pneumoniae in Gingival Epithelial Cells Respond by Secreting Proinflammatory Cytokines
Julio Flores Biological Sciences M. Kitazawa Developing C2C12 Cell Model for IBMPFD to Study TDP-43 and Ubiquitin Pathology
Christiane Okafor-Ize  Human Biology P. LiWang Optimizing Existing HIV Entry Inhibitors
Christine Vu Human Biology P Brown Comparing Indicators of Quality Early Care and Education from State anad National Sources