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Integration of social epidemiology and community-engaged interventions to improve health equity

The past quarter century has seen an explosion of concern about widening health inequities in the United States and worldwide. These inequities are central to the research mission in 2 arenas of public health: social epidemiology and community-engaged interventions. Yet only modest success has been achieved in eliminating health inequities. We advocate dialogue and reciprocal learning between researchers with these 2 perspectives to enhance emerging transdisciplinary language, support new approaches to identifying research questions, and apply integrated theories and methods. We recommend ways to promote transdisciplinary training, practice, and research through creative academic opportunities as well as new funding and structural mechanisms.

Nina B. Wallerstein DrPH, Irene H. Yen PhD, MPH, and S. Leonard Syme PhD
Year Published: 
Online: September 20, 2011
Volume (issue) pages: 
Am J Public Health. 2011 May;101(5):822-30
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