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Chris Fradkin

Professional Title: 
Graduate Student, School of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts
"It's well documented," Fradkin says, "that in the United States, children of minority race/ethnicity experience a lower quality of life than Caucasian children. My research is looking into interactions between social risk factors, which, when viewed in combination, may offer explanation to this disparity." Fradkin is also looking at possible moderating and mediating variables which may shed light on disparities among pediatric populations. "The Central Valley," he continues, "is one of the most underserved and diverse environments in the country. With the Hmong and migrant-worker populations it's an ideal setting for disparities research." Along with his enthusiasm for the opportunities the Central Valley affords, Fradkin is also interested in serving the community. "The COE gives me the opportunity to connect with the Mercedians, the families in Planada, the families in the Valley. I look forward to developing plans and strategies to improve the health of the community, which after all is my community, as I live here in Merced."