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Chi-Shuo Chen

Professional Title: 
Graduate Student, School of Engineering
California's Central Valley is ranked as the most polluted air basin in the US. Due to the geographic location and dairy agriculture, farmers and residents suffer from serious air pollution related health problems such as a high asthma rate. In Chui-Shuo’s work, he will study the direct biological impacts of airborne particles on the respiratory system.. Because airway mucus clearance disorders are commonly found in many air-pollution related diseases, he also plans to investigate changes of microrheology within the mucus gel layer induced by airborne ultra-fine particles. With the support of COE, Chen is pleased to have the unique opportunity to address the air pollution related health disparities in the Central Valley with his interdisciplinary training background. Due to the complex nature of air pollution, Chen plans to utilize various tools from different disciplines within the COE training program in order to take up the health disparities in the Valley. The outcomes from this project will provide reliable and convincing biological data to precisely evaluate the critical respiratory health disparities issue in the Central Valley.