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Alexandra Main

headshot of Alexandra Main
Professional Title: 
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
I am the lead investigator on two projects on health disparities. First, I am overseeing a seed grant-funded study of teen parenting in the San Joaquin Valley (co-Is Hahn-Holbrook, Scott, and Walle). Moreover, I have established relationships with several community groups working with adolescent mothers. My team has collected data on over 100 adolescent mothers and a subset of 14 families have participated in the 6-month assessment described in the proposal. This assessment involves surveys, observations, and saliva sample collection of mothers, tutoras, and infants. This research has been presented at top conferences in my field, including the Society for Research in Child Development and the Society for Research on. Second, I am the lead investigator of a seed grant-funded study of 84 Latinx adolescents and their parents with type 1 diabetes (co-I Wiebe). This is the largest study to my knowledge to collect observational data of parent-adolescent interactions in the context of chronic illness management in Latinx families.